High Quality

Quality saves. It saves on claims. It saves on call backs. But, more importantly, quality sells. It always has. Anyone can supply commodity. The best brands and businesses - the ones that reach back generations - are built on and build with quality.

Competitive Pricing

Tomahawk is savings. But how can a quality, American manufacturer compete on price? Innovation. It's that simple. We do compete on price - and, more interestingly, we help contractors save more money still - by saving them time before, at and after the installation. Recommending or even specifying Tomahawk is good business. Your customer, your contractor and your brand will thank you.

World Class Warranty

Tomahawk offers one of the best warranties in the business. If we make it or sell it, we warrant it. In an industry where warranties are often held hostage for more business, we stand alone with our promise. See www.goTomahawk.com/technical/warranty for details on why this warranty might be of interest to you and your customers.


Consider the following ways Tomahawk serves the homeowner:

American Company.

Tomahawk is a brand by Sioux Chief, a Buy American compliant company located in Peculiar, Missouri. We support the American worker whenever feasible by creating jobs and designing and manufacturing products in America.
Green initiative supporters should note that the total carbon footprint of a part made in America is half of that made in China and shipped to the USA.

American manufacturing generates almost 12% of the US Gross Domestic Product. It accounts for 60% of our exports and employs nearly 12 million people. 70% of US dollars spent on research and development come from the manufacturing sector.
Buy American when you can. We will succeed as Americans when you do!

Customer Service.

The launch of Sioux Chief's new Tomahawk brand focuses on plumbing specialty, gas specialty
and tools.

With this change, it is important to know that your customer service experience will remain the same.
Tomahawk, including both the new catalog and website, is fully supported by the same Sioux Chief customer service and sales processes, pricing programs, shipping services and product warranties.
Contact us anytime for additional information at 800-821-3944 or 816-779-6104, info@goTomahawk.com or www.goTomahawk.com.

New Communication.

Tomahawk is working hard to supply you with the right information at the right time. From our new website and online catalog experience, to our information-packed posts that help build your business and brand via our social media presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter — you can connect with industry professionals, learn from our product videos or simply stay up-to-date.

Our Specialty + (Right Information @ the Right Time) = Your Edge.


Finish plumbing products must be aesthetically pleasing. So, when developing products such as our Smart Spoutor Shower WallNut, we not only deliver innovative solutions for professional plumbers, we present a secure, clean finish for the homeowner.


Tomahawk serves the homeowner. We understand that you are the who will be using our products on a daily basis. You demand our products to be not only reliable, but to be aesthetically pleasing. Tomahawk products promote ease of use while giving homeowners peace of mind with a quality product from an American company.