Why Tomahawk

Sioux Chief rough plumbing products often require additional Specialty items and tools to finish the installation.

For years, you have relied on Sioux Chief to produce and carry these vital extras that enable you to finish the job to a high standard. Our innovative and tested specialty plumbing products, gas products and tools have given you an edge in the field because they equal labor savings, quality and reputation building — and your business has grown. As a result, Sioux Chief has grown. 

And while we have all gone about our regular business each day, our specialty plumbing and gas products and tool offerings have also quietly and consistently grown.

Today, these products represent a business in its own right, one that supports Sioux Chief’s Supply, Drainage and Support categories and yet is worthy of its own name and brand — Tomahawk.

Our Tomahawk brand promise is to continue to provide and expand our offering in quality, innovative specialty plumbing and gas products and tools for you.

Our Specialty.  Your Edge.